Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've been away.

From blogging, that is. Life just sort of gave me a little more than I could handle. Now I am back, and excited about making art again. Just returned from the Crazy Quilt Society Retreat in Omaha and I am full of inspiration. I'll report on my classes, tell you about the honest-to-goodness real stained glass windows at the First Presbyterian Church in Topeka KS (discovered on the way to Omaha), and talk about an interesting event at the Retreat.

My roommate was Cathy Kizerian, Crazy by Design. She had fabulous laces, appliques, trims, and fabric packs for sale. I sold some beads, charms, embossed velvet, hand dyed buttons. It was my first venture into retail, and I learned what the customers liked and didn't like. Some of the hand dyed appliques that I made just weren't popular so now I have a rather large supply of them for my own work. :-)

But right now, I have to switch to work mode and get caught up on what happened at my day job while I was gone.

Donna (Boo Rae)

PS I am moving studios! From my little building to a part of the house that we have converted into a studio, with another room off the studio for my office. I love being in the house, the view is just as good as it was from the other studio, and I have much more room. Right now it is in chaos, and I am going to work hard this week to whip it into shape so I can get to work. Pix to follow.

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