Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lisa Caryl's Fantasea Block Class

I took Lisa Caryl's Fantasea Block class at the CQS Retreat, and I am so happy with my block. Lisa provided a generous and exceptional kit, and I have enjoyed using every bit of it; there's still plenty left over for other projects. I took the photo with my iPhone so it isn't the best but you can see how it's coming along. I'll post more as I get closer to finishing it.

At the bottom of the block you can see a dark background. This is fused Angelina that Lisa provided. We glommed and mashed and textured so it's the perfect background for the bottom of the sea. It is a dark blue/black/green color and unfortunately I don't know the specific Angelina name for it.

The orange bit at the bottom is bead coral, formed by stringing a couple of inches of beads, then turning around a stop bead at the top. Go back through a few beads, skip a bead, and repeat. Pull it snug and it bunches up like branched coral. Mine is sagging a bit, but I will add some more and hook them together and it will be fine.

This looks like one for encrustation! Or should I say "encrustacean"?

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  1. It is looking beautiful!! I haven't done a seascape yet but am wanting to.