Wednesday, May 16, 2012

emma & abby

It started out as, "We need to sell all the cool stuff cluttering up our houses." Then we added, "Hey, we could sell stuff that we make, too." And it went on like that for a while. All talk and no action. Left up to me the idea would have remained only in my head. My friend Colleen, however, is more of an action person. (Granted, she is younger and has more energy than I.) One day she simply found a location for us to sell our stuff and the next day we were moving in. emma & abby was born, named after our dogs, so creative. That's how I got into the "antiques" business. It's not really an antiques shop, but it is located in the back room at Bruce's Vintage Guitars & Antiques.
For the last several weeks Colleen and I have decluttered our houses, stuck price tags on our belongings, and hauled them to our shop as we grandly call our corner of the back room. And that should have been that. Like the rest of my life the situation quickly developed a complication. Colleen suggested that we go to some garage sales and estate sales to pick up a few things to sell. Sounds good, right? Get some great bargains and move 'em quickly through the shop. Wrong. So wrong. Those bargains have trickled into my house faster than the original clutter has gone. A blue and white Portuguese tray with adorable animals painted on it? Wow! Let's put it in the dining room! Hand crocheted pillowcases for $5? Good Lord, I'll never find a deal like that again. Those things are becoming scarce as hen's teeth and this color would look so great in the guest room. And that cherry bookcase? Back the truck in here and let's see if that guy over there will help load it!

My patient husband has refinished a simply darling vanity, a large 5 drawer chest, and has a dining room table and a bed frame stacked in his workshop. My studio is stacked with items that need to be priced. I've lost track of how much I've spent and I am so tired from schlepping stuff home from estate sales on weekends that I need a vacation to recover.

Okay, it's still all pretty good, you're thinking. Have I mentioned that I have sold virtually nothing? Or that Bruce, from whom we rent, has put up the only identifying sign behind some trees? So this is retail. And the contract for the space runs through July. I have an awful feeling that we will be having one big garage sale in early August. See anything you want?