Thursday, July 16, 2009

Studio Makeover Saga

I am moving my studio from one location to another and it feels like it is never going to end, although I can see progress every day. My helper Julia is wrapping something to be put away. (left) She is going back to college in August and I don't know what I am going to do without her.

And here are some shots from various locations in the main room, showing how much progress I have made from when it was a bare room painted dark turquoise. Never let your teenage children, especially boys, choose the color of their room.

Empty containers are a good thing! I have been purging fabric I will never use, duplicates of everything -- how many seam rippers does one person need? -- and junk I've just plain hoarded for years. It's all going to freecycle so someone else can deal with it. I like to think it might help someone; it's helping me to set it free. Now the challenge is to set the empty containers free.

I finally got my cutting table cleared off enough to get out some projects to work on. I get kind of crazy when I want to make art and have to deal with a great big mess to even find a spot to work in.

I'll post more photos when it is lookin' good!

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