Monday, July 20, 2009

UFOs: A Special Kind of Crazy Quilters' Hell

The evidence is everywhere: the big quilt started three years ago, the crazy quilted clock, the bright colored wall hanging, a piece for my sister's birthday (last April), numerous ribbon flowers, origami flowers, yo-yo's, fabric books, postcards, atc's, class projects -- all unfinished!

Crazy quilts take time to make. From beginning to end, it takes me weeks, months, and sometimes years to complete a project. I don't know how to sit down and work on one project until it's finished. I get bored. I decide that I need a break from it in order to see it fresh the next time I work on it. So I put it away for a while. And then, I engage in dangerous, high risk behavior -- I start something else. Dangerous and high risk because Future Me is going to have to confront what the Past Me did to her. Poor Future Me is going to look at these projects hanging around from the Past Me and wonder what I was thinking. She's lost interest in these old projects and finishing them seems like a chore. But abandon them? Not a chance!

So here I sit, with literally dozens of unfinished works around me, and boiling over with ideas for new things to make. Present Me plans to finish up most of these UFO's before saddling Future Me with more. I am diligently working on finishing the blocks for the Big Quilt, about 90% complete. I am finishing this year's class projects from the CQS retreat earlier this month. Then I'll prioritize what's left.

Of course, finishing these projects has to be squeezed in between making Christmas gifts (it'll be here before you know it!) and the odd hostess gift or friend request.

You can find me in my studio.


  1. So do hear your "past me" and "future me" in your head - or do you ever talk out loud to them? I think I can see "future" medications for you (smile). And yet you are a "crazy" quilter – so this all may really be normal!! (I seem to like to use quotes and explanation points too much – don't you think??? - oh and question marks too!!)

  2. Oh, this is hilarious! It must run in the family though because I'm exactly the same way. Good luck!

  3. Ah, this is the dangerous life you lead (as posted in FB Jan. 15, give or take...)

    Your write so well here.... made me feel good to see expressed my EXACT feelings on the subject. Sign of a good blog. Thank you.