Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiffany Windows in Topeka, KS

On my way to the retreat, I spent the night in Topeka, KS. Quite by accident, I discovered the Tiffany windows at the First Presbyterian Church.

The ten picture windows designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself are simply breathtaking. Tiffany visited Topeka and even chose the color of the church walls to complement the windows.

The photos on the web link above cannot possibly do the windows justice. Seeing them in the setting of the church, with the sun shining through them was truly a spiritual experience.

The largest window rises high above the ground level of the church and depicts Jesus floating in a blue sky surrounded by angels, with people below. It is spectacular. By comparison, the side windows are merely incredibly beautiful!

If you are ever near Topeka, be sure to visit the First Presbyterian Church.

I had never heard of these windows and I just live a few hundred miles away in Oklahoma. We have so little to entertain us in this part of the country I thought I knew about everything! I wonder what else I am missing?

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