Sunday, April 6, 2008

I have been having so much fun felting and I decided I was ready for something more complicated. I bought this felted purse from They had a huge color selection and two or three styles and sizes. This color is called Iris and it cost $15. My plan was to felt directly on to the bag, but it has a nice lining, and I didn't feel like getting into a major lining-removal project today. Instead I basted on to it one of the small motifs that I have been making. I like it. If I want to change the look, I can just change the motif. I'll have to get to that remove-the-lining-felt-on-the-bag thing later.

I have been working on my Big Crazy Quilt today. The stack of blocks in the photo will actually cover a bed. As slow as I am going on this, it might make more sense to call it a coffin cover.

I am laying down base stitches so that I can go back and add layers of more stitches. I like to get the bases down and then work on decorating the base stitches with different weights, colors, and fibers. If you have a chance to attend a workshop by Carole Samples, or if you can find her book A Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches, leap on it. (I believe the book is out of print, but check on amazon.) She is an excellent teacher, and her book is one of my constant references.

This block is screaming for some seam treatments, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I just realized that it is 3:30pm and I have not eaten lunch!
(I just noticed that there are some tubes of glue at the top of the first block photo. I do not use glue in my crazy quilts. They are still there from another project I was doing earlier. Just want to set the record straight about that glue!)

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  1. What happy fun blocks!
    This makes me want to get a stack pieced up so badly!