Thursday, January 9, 2014

A tiny envelope template

tiny envelope template
Tiny Envelope Template

This is the template I use as a guide to make tiny envelopes. I pick up a piece of paper, usually Gelli printed deli paper, and I whack it out in the general shape shown in the image. I vary the size, the proportions, and I don't try to make it neat. I know this will drive some of you nuts, but it's just how I roll.

When I have the envelope cut out, I fold it down the center line. Then I fold the flaps (top left and far left) over and glue them down. The top flap is left sticking up (yes, I know the photo is upside down)  until I decide how I am going to use the envelope. Sometimes I chop off the top flap and sometimes I make it a different shape.

I have found that a Xyron tape runner works well on the wider flaps, but for the tiny ones I like Jet Pens' Kuretake Craft Glue Pen because it puts down a very fine line of glue.

Sometimes I put several sheets of paper on a tray with a pair of scissors and cut these out while I am sitting around in the evening. It doesn't take much effort or thinking, which is my idea of a good evening activity while I binge watch The Land Girls or George Gently.

PS The background in the image is a paper towel I used to line my "paint booth" (a deep box turned on its side) when I spray inks. I save the paper towels and use them in art journal backgrounds).

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