Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tiny envelopes

I have been bitten by the expressive art journaling, Gelli mono printing, stenciling, stamping, lettering bug. I am working on four art journals, a bit at a time. YouTube is full of video tutorials made by journalers who actually finish spreads. I wander through my books, adding a bit here and there, and finishing a spread is slow going. I haven't written about this because I thought I should present finished projects, not works in progress. I have changed my mind. The photos below are unfinished pages with lots of tiny envelopes. Each envelope contains, or will contain, an insert with words on it. Since this spread is dedicated to gratitude, the words are to be phrases of thanks.

I have a general shape I use to cut out the envelopes freehand. It's one of those mindless tasks that can be done while watching tv (did I mention mindless?). Usually I cut a pile of them from Gelli printed deli paper, and glue the tabs down later. (I did a google search for "gelli printed deli paper" so that I could post a link here, but for some reason google is not showing the link in the address line in Safari, so you'll have to do your own search if you want to learn more.)

Tiny envelope spread in art journal

Close up of tiny envelopes

If you have the urge to play with art supplies in your very own journal, I say go for it. Be warned, it is addictive!

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