Sunday, January 19, 2014

Painting the Gelli plate cover

See that Gelli plate below? It is not loaded with paint. The plastic cover sheet is loaded with paint.

8x10" Gelli plate with painted cover sheet

Please tell me that I am not the only Gelli plate owner who, in her zeal to get started, put paint on the sheet covering the plate. I've done it to both sides. A multiple offender.

BTW, it's not very clear in this photo, but this is where my Gelli plate lives: on a glass sheet recycled from my (old) refrigerator. The glass is tempered, which makes it safe, not that it ever moves. The Gelli sticks right down and does not slide around when I am printing. It stays on my worktable most of the time, but if I want to move it, I turn the glass on its side and stow it vertically my with cutting mats. I have noticed no difference in my Gelli over time. I have been doing this for over a year, and as far as I can tell, nothing bad has happened to the plate. It's not dried out or stiff, it seems to be just like it was when it was new. Even this sides, which are constantly exposed to air, are unchanged. I am not recommending that you disregard the manufacturer's storage directions. I am just telling you that I did and so far no ill effects.

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  1. i've only just got a Gelli plate and i love it, im having such fun