Sunday, February 6, 2011

on the road again

My 22 year old son is leaving for Chile in the morning. He is familiar with travel in other countries and I know that he will do fine, but if you are a mother, you understand that letting go is really, really hard. One of my favorite photos of him was taken about 4 years ago at DFW while waiting for a flight to Mexico. It was one of the first times I could see him as an adult, which is sort of a shocking experience for parents, I think. At least it was for me. I love his intent look as he sits reading while waiting to board the plane.

The photo is four years old and he has since, of course, become a man. He planned this entire Chile trip by himself and has lined up work on organic farms. He has even rebuilt his mountain bike so it will be suitable for the terrain where he is going. He wants to become fluent in Spanish and learn more about sustainable living. I am proud of him.

My feelings about him and his departure are tucked away on a barely visible layer of this image. I have said what I needed to say, both on my journal page and to him in a phone call earlier today.

It all seems so normal and a growth opportunity for him and blah blah blah. But I am his mom, and my chick has hopped further out of the nest than ever before, so I am allowed to cluck a little.


  1. Great picture! I had no idea he was leaving though. How long will he be gone? I hope you'll post updates; it sounds like an amazing adventure!

  2. He'll be gone until May 6. He will be working on organic farms and learning all about sustainable living, as well as, we hope, becoming more fluent in Spanish. He has promised to send photos and I'll be sure and post them if he does.

  3. thank you so much for sharing your link!! you did a fabulous job with this journal page!!

    wonderful use of texture... 'sigh'

    xxo, kim