Friday, March 28, 2008

Inspiration from Nature

My sewing space is small, but has windows looking into the woods, which I find so inspirational. These photos are not the best but you get the idea. I have huge gratitude to be able to work in such a peaceful setting.

My crazy quilting habit outgrew our spare bedroom so I moved to a small (10'x24') building that is about 50 steps from my front door. I have my sewing things and an office there. I have music, the internet, and crazy quilting. It just does not get any better than that.


  1. Boy, you done lernt fast girl. I took me about 12 years to get links on my blog! lol! I'm so proud of you. Love your view, wanna come hang out and stitch and look into the woods wit' ya.

  2. Looks like a really nice place to be. Can I join Willa at your place?