Saturday, March 24, 2012

So what is it about blogging?

Belle, a little lamb girl, having a morning snack
I've been trying to figure out why I love the idea of having a blog, but I don't make many posts. After some reflection, it seems that the point of a blog is to share your life, or a specific part of your life with others. I have friends who blog only about their art, or their gardens. I visit blogs that are devoted solely to cooking or photography. I am not an expert on any of those topics, or any others for that matter. At least, that seems to be what is holding me back. It is dawning on me that I don't have to be an expert, I can just be who I am. So that is what I am going to do. I am going to post about my gardens (yes, I have more than one), pets, my family, my art, and any other thing that strikes me, maybe even politics. Get back!


  1. Is Belle, your little lamb? waay cute!

    1. Isn't she darling? She belongs to a young woman, Samantha Lamb, who is a photographer. Her blog is called Early Bird Acres and it's about her art, photography, farm, animals, and other interesting topics. She taught the photography class, and she had three lambs with her that she had just purchased. She took them back to her farm after the class, where she is raising them for their wool, which she intends to dye with natural dyes and spin into wool. The sheep have long curly hair and I see them through the eyes of a needlefelter, of course! I hope she has some to sell before she spins it all. :)