Sunday, February 19, 2012

I cain't dance and it's too wet to plow

Italian flat leaf parsley
Actually I can dance and I am not plowing, but it is wet. So wet that installation of raised beds has been put off for over a week. I do have one 4 x 10' bed, so I've planted some herbs, lettuce and onion sets. 

Dixondale Intermediary Onion Sampler
As I've worked in the garden these recent mild days, I am filled with wonder. The smell of the earth, the feel of the soil, birds singing, sun warming my face as I look at each small plant and imagine how it will grow. These small and delicate living things are filled with mystery. While I am sleeping in my warm bed, they will be outside in the cold, sending their roots out for nourishment in the dark soil. While I am looking at garden photos on pinterest, their leaves and stems soak in sunshine and moisture, and they grow. It's magic. 

Baby steps, baby steps. Persevere.  


  1. I envy your gardening capability. I have a teensy balcony jammed with a dwarf apricot now blossoming faintly, a jasmine spreading her arms, assorted flowering pots (geranium, hibiscus), a wrought iron rocker and a table with a fountain and some cactus. Almost no room for me out there.

  2. Nöel, your small garden sounds just as rewarding and much more manageable than mine!