Friday, March 18, 2011


I think my BFF Kathleen is hilariously funny. She has been cracking me up for 41 years. (For example, she once remarked that someone we knew had "a keen perception of the obvious".) Most of the funny things she says are of the you-had-to-be-there variety, the kind of thing that has you gasping for air and hoping you don't pee in your pants. "So then I said to the guy" is one of those things. It doesn't bear explaining because it will never be as funny to anyone else as it is to us.

The same goes for the camping trip we took a long time ago in her 240Z crammed with a big smelly Army tent which we put up while standing in the mud on a creek bank in our nightgowns. It was dark. It was hot. There we were, laughing like hyenas as we struggled with the tent, when a boat came down the creek. A boat with some guys who shined a light on us. I swear they started rowing faster when they got a good look at us.

Then there was the more recent champagne-fueled nighttime swim in her pool when we got locked out of her house. It took some time for her husband to get a ladder, climb up to the second story and break in. We were laughing like maniacs the entire time and it is a miracle that the neighbors didn't call the police.

Do you have a BFF who makes you laugh your head off?

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