Wednesday, March 30, 2011

divas d'este new etsy shop

Divas d'Este have a new etsy shop, Urban Renewal Designs, featuring vintage/antiques/junque, unusual jewelry, found objects, old postcard images, and the like. I am a big fan of the Divas' themed image cd's because not only are the images diverse and interesting, the cd's have saved me immense amounts of time otherwise spent on searching for images.

Most of the images in my January journaling posts have come from the Divas' collection. If you would like to know which cd a particular image comes from post a comment and I will track it down.

De, one of the Divas, is a designer and crazy quilter. When she is not adding to the company's collections she makes beautiful handbags.

(Image at left is from the Divas' Girls collection.)

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