Tuesday, August 18, 2009

40's Music and Crazy Quilting

I especially enjoy stitching to the sounds of Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, Count Basie, the Andrews Sisters. I feel saner and more centered. I've always believed that the 40's were a time of ... well, integrity. In the midst of killing and mayhem our forebears believed that our country was "doing the right thing". I haven't had a feeling that anything was "right" in a long time. Maybe, briefly, last November. But not for a long time before that. I have this perpetual lump of tears in my soul. I want so badly, as do we all, for things to be "right" for our children and their children. So, I stitch and grieve while Frank Sinatra makes soothing sounds in the background. Sometimes it all seems too hard. And then Little Brown Jug comes bouncing out of the XM radio and my heart and feet are filled with joy while I dance. As we asked ourselves in the 60's: "What does it all mean, Mr. Natural?"

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  1. Music helps me retreat, too. At least it's a retreat for me - beyond it's basic soothing abilities. I was in a Hilary Stagg mood today; needed it to calm down after hearing that a nephew of mine thinks water boarding is a good thing. OMG. I'm beginning to think I can't retreat far enough! Hugs, Cat