Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter grays and browns

It's no secret that I have a rough time emotionally in the winter. My personality is not suited to viewing grays and browns relentlessly. I think that's why my art leans toward screaming bright colors. I feel like a parched plant drinking in water when I work in big bright colors. Sometimes it's hard to get myself to my studio to work when it's cold and brown and gray outside. On those days, I take it easy on myself. Sometimes just sitting in my studio helps. Sometimes just sitting leads to working, which helps a bunch. I haven't felt like taking on anything difficult or big, so I have been working in my art journals and making Gelli prints.

Gelli prints on card stock and deli paper

As I printed on the Gelli plate, I used the journal page below to clean my brayer and print off stamps and rubbing plates that still had paint on them. I am very pleased with how it turned out, especially considering that it was a no-brainer. Come to think of it, most of my backgrounds are no-brainers.

Journal page from cleaning brayer
and stamps
Wishing you all the color you want in your life.


  1. I've never been affected by grey skies (except with a strong urge to bake cookies!), but I had a dear friend who was very affected, a transplanted Floridian in Pennsylvania. You could visible see her wilt when the cold weather came. (BTW her London Fog long coat was bright pink!)

    Have you tried hanging up bright fabrics over the windows in your studio? I'm freezing in this house right now, and I know its the windows that are letting in the chill. On the other hand, the Missouri house (better insulated) is MUCH warmer. Incredulous!

    Thinking of you, my friend, as today in Plano is snowy, grey, and yucky. No cookies this morning, but I did make granola. Made the house smell good. The snow is barely a dust covering, so it isn't adding any beauty at all. And my coffee's done...

    Love you, Donna

    1. I like the idea of hanging bright colored fabric over my studio windows. Since there are only pull down shades there right now, I could actually make some curtains. Thank you for the great idea!

      I think we are ready for spring! Love you, too.

  2. Donna: I sympathise with you. Even though I'm all about housebound, the miserable colours outside really affect me. That said, would you believe that my art leans towards them a lot of the time? Weird. In the first photo here, I noticed the rabbit, and it reminded me so much of Gennine (Gennine's Art Blog) so much. I'm a huge fan of hers. Are you familiar with her work?

  3. Your work may lean toward those colors, but that face that you posted recently is very colorful and beautiful! I am not familiar with Gennine's Art Blog so I took a quick look. I am quite flattered that you compared my work to hers! I subscribed to her blog so I can see more of her current work.