Sunday, April 1, 2012

A kinder, gentler way of drying clothes

I have become my Grandma.
It's the launch of a greener method of getting our clothes dry, and it's great exercise for me. Behold, the clothesline! The sheets smelled wonderful, they dried quickly, and best of all, no gas dryer was killed in this process. The only alarming thing that happened was that I viewed this photo of myself and decided that not only was hanging clothes to dry like my grandmothers, I look like my grandmothers. While that's to be expected, I don't think of myself that way. In my mind, I feel about 25, and while I realize that I don't look 25, this photo was a rude reality check. Oddly, I don't feel different after seeing the photo, evidence of aging to the contrary.

I plan to put wood chips under the clothesline and plant some lovely flowers around the area, which is just outside my studio and only a few steps from the laundry room.

I have to go now because I found a tick crawling on my leg and I am just about to freak out. I guess hanging clothes out to dry could be considered high risk behavior fitting for a twentysomething.


  1. we bought some curtains yesterday with the printed instructions specifying they should be washed in the machine, but not put in the dryer, and we were like, 'what?' who has a clothesline that big?
    by the way, you look great!!!!

  2. I think you look wonderful, Donna. I have always loved your hair, and have stopped coloring mine. Bring on the gray!!

    Clotheslines! Awesome! I would love to have a clothesline, but with overhead electrical and telephone wires (old neighborhood), to say nothing of our grape arbor (and bird baths and feeders), I am afraid it would be an endless cycle of washing machine --> clothesline --> washing machine. But maybe someday.

  3. I know a guy who says you have "whistleworthy legs"!

    1. Tell that guy that I said Thank You!