Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Blessings of Spring

Today I am grateful for the flowers blooming in my yard.

(Enter the contest at communal global! Entries end midnight April 4.)


  1. Donna! What a great post. Spring is a blessing, isn't it! Do you know how to enter a link to communal global? If not, just mention communal global in your post in case any of your readers want to pop over and enter. Thank you for taking the time to enter. We love new visitors at Communal Global! Oh, yes we do!

  2. Nice blog. I love fiber art!

  3. You have the prettiest backyard! Are those red flowers poppies? They're beautiful!

    Thanks for entering the contest, too. (It's amazing what a little Facebook bullying can do!)

  4. Emily, the flowers are tulips but they look very much like poppies when they open out. I don't know what the blue ones are, just popped up all by themselves.