Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art Journal

I am playing art with paper, paint, collage, crayons, pens, and pencils these days. I love working on my art journals for the same reason I love crazy quilting: the results are unpredictable and random. Unlike crazy quilting, however, the finished piece comes together very quickly.

The photo is a two page spread from one of my journals. I gessoed the pages because I wanted to use acrylics, then layered paint, stamping, and collage. For the collage I used an image from a Cherry Republic catalog, some torn strips from a linens catalog, and white tissue paper.

I know it isn't great art, but I am developing a finer sense of what shapes, colors, textures, and so on appeal to me. Lately, I have thought about using the art journals to explore what I'd like to put on canvas. How odd. I never imagined that I would like to paint.


  1. Donna
    I think this is a great spread! Do you plan to journal on it also?
    I'm like you, I was never a painter, but every so often I will dabble. I love to sew dolls and a very close second now, is working in my art journal!
    Take it easy

  2. Thanks! Yes, I plan to write on it. Just haven't done it yet.